World’s strongest brothers Luke and Tom Stoltman of Invergordon discuss success and being at home at the Inverness Highland Games


THE famous Invergordon duo, Luke and Tom Stoltman, were the guest of honor at this year’s Inverness Highland Games.

The pair received a presentation from the Provost of Inverness earlier today, followed by demonstrations of the shot put.

They also held a Q&A session in front of a crowded tent of fans, many of whom were wearing the brothers’ products.

Younger brother Tom is the World’s Strongest Man twice and he put his trophies on display throughout the day.

During the Q&A, the couple opened up about how surreal it was to come to terms with their newfound fame and be confident in themselves.

Luke said: “Being from the Highlands, we kind of felt like things shouldn’t happen to us because we live in a small town. It took me a long time. I was doing well in shows and I still wasn’t very confident. It’s ok to be successful.

“The times when we share a podium are very special. Without Strongman, I would still be working overseas. We hope we can inspire people and change people’s minds.”

Luke also said his favorite dish is the Stoltman Cone, which is currently on sale in the town center shop, Castle Cones.

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