Visionary Marion Rhind spotted the potential of the Invergordon Wall Path with inspiration from halfway around the world


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The late Marion Rhind helped paint the first mural, The Loch.

A ‘visionary’ from Easter Ross saw the potential for a mural trail in Invergordon after hearing how a similar venture in Tasmania had transformed a town.

Fast forward two decades and the vision of the late Marion Rhind is now celebrated as Invergordon celebrates the 20th anniversary of its signature attraction.

Part of a scene of firefighters.
Part of a scene of firefighters.

The charity and volunteer group Invergordon Off the Wall which runs the mural trail project was formed in 2002 after Marion Rhind heard about how murals in Sheffield, Tasmania had transformed the outlook of the city while celebrating its local history.

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Visitors admire the murals.
Visitors admire the murals.

She immediately saw the potential for something similar in Invergordon and shared the idea with the local trade association. It was the spark that created Invergordon Off the Wall with Marion as inspiration every step of the way.

She had a vision of the future benefits it could have for the community of Invergordon and the local economy as a tourist attraction.

Visitors are often intrigued.
Visitors are often intrigued.

A community consultation saw more than 75.5% in favor of the bold project which aimed to rekindle community spirit and boost civic pride while halting economic decline by rebranding the town as a tourist destination.

The International Network of Mural Cities inspired the group in the first place and has been a constant source of reference for what can be achieved in local communities when art is the focus of regeneration.

The 20th anniversary of the Off the Wall project was marked by the launch of an app that helps bring each mural to life.

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