The rugby club announce the opening date of the clubhouse doors in Invergordon


Ross Sutherland Rugby Club hopes to open its new clubhouse in a few weeks.

The new clubhouse of Ross Sutherland Rugby Club

The project has been in the pipeline for years at Invergordon outfit, but the pandemic has caused significant delays as well as additional costs to put the finishing touches on the building.

However, with the Caledonia North Two 2021/22 campaign now in the rearview mirror, the focus may be on completing the clubhouse at the Naval Grounds.

Stag club chairman John Scott has previously expressed his hope that the development will benefit the wider community, not just the rugby club.

He wants it to be a hub for Invergordon and beyond even outside of the sport, and he is confident opportunities have already presented themselves ready for when Ross Sutherland can finally open his doors.

Of course, it should also provide an advantage for the club on and off the pitch by giving members a place to socialize and plan ahead for the long-term future of Ross Sutherland Rugby Club – something that has been missing for two years. .

Now, finally, the finish line is in sight, with Scott adamant the clubhouse will be ready in time for the 2022/23 Scottish rugby season, which is currently due to start in late summer.

“I think we should be done by early June, everything is going well,” Scott said.

“Most of the floor is laid so just finishing the bar, kitchen and shower downstairs.

“We are more or less there. It took longer than expected, Covid didn’t help in many ways – mainly with the cost of materials – but we dug deep and worked, so we’re getting there.

“As for the backroom team, our Business Development Manager, Alan McLean, has been working hard to develop new contacts and recruit new sponsors. The entire pitchshide is surrounded by billboards.

“Linsey McPherson, our events manager, is ready to roll and has been working on things to be ready for the opening, so it’s going to be good.

“It took a while, and it took a lot longer than I expected.

“It doesn’t help that we have a few guys like me who are seasonally dependent on when we work. It’s just the nature of our members, so we have to work with that.

Ross Sutherland is also looking for volunteers to take on a number of coaching roles as well as other areas of club management.

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