Strongman Stoltman brothers, Luke and Tom, in Invergordon ‘pop-up shop’ business as the duo seek to build hometown legacy


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Luke and Tom Stoltman with Jayden Timoney outside the store. Photo: Callum Mackay.

The STRONGMAN siblings supported by their local community of Easter Ross in their successful attempts to mark the world are now determined to return the faith shown to them.

Luke and Tom Stoltman have spoken of their desire to leave a legacy for their hometown of Invergordon which last month showed its appreciation by throwing a street party in their honor.

Tom is the holder of the title of the strongest man in the world, which he won twice on the trot, and Luke won the title of the strongest man in Europe.

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Over the past week they have been delighting visitors to a pop-up shop on the High Street, with merchandise sales handled by younger brother Harry.

Meanwhile, local company Ross-shire engineering (RSE) has agreed to allow them to use one of its warehouses for training for their events.

Luke said: ‘When they heard about the loss of our space in Invergordon they made contact within days.

“It was really humbling to see the support we have in the region and such a kind gesture from the folks at CSR.

“At the moment we are just moving our equipment there and plan to start training there a day or two a week over the next month – keep an eye on our YouTube channel for updates. day !”

The merchandise “started a few years ago as a bit of fun,” but now the t-shirts, hoodies, hats and bathrobes are selling well.

Luke said: “Our local community is really important to us which is why we have always chosen to stay here in Invergordon with our gym, office and now our shop. People have often told us that it would be more profitable to be located in Edinburgh or Glasgow, or even Inverness, for example, but that was never going to be the way to go. Invergordon supported us as we became world and European champions, so we want to give back a bit now.

They will evaluate the success of the pop-up store before deciding to expand or hire additional staff.

They appreciate surprising customers: “We love talking to people and helping them try to make sales!”

The duo closed the shop on Friday the day after Queen Elizabeth II died out of respect.

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