Strongman brother duo Luke and Tom Stoltman of Invergordon throw ice cream challenge as Castle Cone in Inverness names new megacone The Stoltman


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TWO holders of Ross-shire’s Strongest Man title take on a new challenge after a Highland ice cream shop named a mammoth cone after them.

World’s Strongest Man Champion Tom Stoltman and his brother, World’s Strongest Man Finalist and 2021 European Champion Luke Stoltmanfrom Invergordon, had to try the new megacone sold at Inverness Castle Cone ice cream shop on the High Street, aptly named ‘The Stoltman’.

The brothers set up a cool food challenge as they raced against time to see who would eat the giant cone, which contains five scoops of Simpsons Buckie ice cream, as soon as possible.

Ahead of the challenge, Luke Stoltman said, “I’m abuzz about this one, I haven’t eaten anything sweet in about three hours so I’m really excited to have something tasty.”

After a series of brain-freezing moments, Luke Stoltman was crowned “King of the Cones” with an impressive record of 6 minutes and 31 seconds, which Tom followed with a time of 8 minutes and 47 seconds.

The brothers are now challenging visitors to the Inverness ice cream shop to beat their time and enter a prize draw.

“I dare you to beat this (time), no chance!

“If you want to come and challenge yourself, come to Castle Cone and see if anyone can beat our time.

“I don’t think anyone can do it! But if someone manages to beat it, I might send you a personal message of congratulations and shake your hand!”

Luke and Tom Stoltman with the Stoltman cone. Photo by @luke.stoltman

Tom opted for mango sorbet, chewing gum, biscoff, maltesers and a selection of strawberries for his challenge, while Luke’s choice was Speyside Whisky, IRN Infusion, Honeycomb with caramel, chewing gum and the Scotch bar.

Behind the counter was Richard Simpsons, owner of Simpsons Ice Cream factory in Buckie and who has been running and supplying Castle Cone since April this year, said it was a great day.

“We had a contest to choose the name and it coincided with Tom Stoltman winning the title of world’s strongest man, and a few people had suggested The Stoltman, so it just made perfect sense to me. to give him their name.

“I contacted them to ask if we could use their name and they seemed delighted, then decided to come and take on the challenge.

“It must have given them a headache eating it so fast. My son tried it yesterday and it took him 30 minutes to finish it!

“Yeah, that was my goal in picking the name as well – these guys are doing great, they’re local guys and they’re performing on the global stage. I’m a huge strongman fan myself, so this made perfect sense for me to promote these guys and what they do

“You get a lot of visitors from all over the world in the store and it would be nice for them to see a little something interesting.”

The challenge is on at Castle Cone on Inverness High Street for anyone who wants to dare for the best time.

Those who purchase a cone will also be entered into a raffle with a prize donated by the Stoltman brothers.

“It made sense for us to have an outlet, and the capital of the Highlands is the place to be. All the tourists are in Inverness, so it’s good to bring Scotch ice cream there.

“We are still trying to publicize at the moment, so in a few days we will have posters to let people know about it and also to let anyone know that they can stand the test of time.

“The purpose of the cone is mainly to share it or to

“The girls in the store will be recording the time, so there will be an official time to see if anyone can beat Luke’s.

“The brothers will kindly offer a prize to the fastest person, and they will donate a prize – by buying a cone, you will be entered into a raffle.

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