Street party plans for Invergordon’s Tom Stoltman after second consecutive World’s Strongest Man title as community leaders hail inspiring example of chasing your dreams

Strongman brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman helped put their hometown on the map and plans are now underway to celebrate their big hits. Photo: James Mackenzie

A community in Easter Ross plans to celebrate the success of a local hero’s strongman with a street party.

And community leaders hailed 27-year-old Tom Stoltman’s determination to win back-to-back World Strongest Man titles as an inspiring example for other locals to follow.

Cromarty Firth Councilor Pauline Munro said: “We are all so proud of the boys and what they have achieved is huge.

“The local community are over the moon and indeed our intention is to throw a street party in their honor as soon as we get a license. Everyone here wants to help out and see the boys get the attention they so deserve. .”

Councilor Molly Nolan: “Incredible ambassador”.
Councilor Molly Nolan: “Incredible ambassador”.

Councilor Molly Nolan said: “Tom is an incredible ambassador for our region and I am so proud of his success. I hope our young people in particular will be inspired by the Stoltman brothers and know that with hard work and dedication , it is possible to realize their hopes and dreams.

Cromarty Firth councilor Tamala Collier said: “Tom Stoltman and his brother Luke are both truly inspirational. Everyone can learn something from them, especially our young people. They show you can achieve great things when you focus on something and work hard for it.”

Councilor Maxine Morley-Smith said: “What Tom is doing is exceptional, especially as he overcomes personal challenges to do so. He is an inspirational figure in both areas of his life. Invergordon continues to to be proud of Tom and his older brother Luke. We wish him success upon success.”

In March 2021, during the coronavirus crisis, he spoke about the challenges of living with autism. He then said, “Obviously I’ve opened up and tried to get autism out there all over the world, but people don’t see what’s going on off camera. They see the dumbbells, the fun stuff that we do on YouTube, but they don’t see what’s going on off camera. I don’t see if you’re depressed or sad or stressed.”

He then said he hoped that by opening up about it, he could help others.

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