Seven-year-old Invergordon’s giant pumpkin promises lots of Halloween fun

Finn Mclelland (7) with the giant pumpkin.

A Ross-shire family is looking forward to some big-time fun this Halloween thanks to one member’s extra green fingers.

Finn Mclelland (7), from Invergordon, has managed to grow a pumpkin almost as big as he is, with a little help from Grandma Lesley Drever from Fearn, in whose garden the huge squash currently resides.

Now over a meter and a half in circumference, the grandson and grandmother have been growing the impressive pumpkin since May, nurturing it carefully and measuring its growth steadily week after week.

Alice Mathieson, Finn’s mother and Lesley’s daughter, said the pumpkin had grown so much since the spring that they could no longer lift it from the ground.

She said: “My mum is a keen gardener and they have a huge vegetable patch at home so she got some pumpkin seedlings from a friend and decided to plant them for Finn for fun.

“Two of them started to grow to a good size, so we knew we wouldn’t have to buy any in stores this year. But it just kept growing!

“It became a bit of a match week after week. When we would go to my parents’ house we would take a bit of string and wrap it around to measure it and see how much it was growing, but it has since gotten so big that we don’t can’t lift it off the ground!

“I just don’t know how we’re going to start cutting it!”

She added: “Finn says he can’t believe it got this big because it started from such a small plant! It’s the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever seen.

“Finn and my mum (whom he calls GG) will definitely be trying to break their record next year.”

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