Ross Sutherland is open to all applicants as the search begins at Invergordon for a new head coach to lead the Stags into a new era


Ross Sutherland Rugby Club is looking for a new head coach.

Advertisements have been shown on the club’s social media, appealing to someone who can lead the first team to the top of the Caledonia North Two – and possibly beyond.

It marks a shift in strategy at the Naval Grounds, which for the past two years has run without a single head coach, instead using a six-man coaching staff with different specialist areas.

Ross Sutherland is looking for a new head coach for his first team.

There were no departures, but after a difficult few years for domestic rugby in general and several members of the coaching staff finding they could not dedicate their full time to the club all year round, they think it’s time to see what the options are. there for a new approach.

“We’re at the stage where we want to cast our net and see who’s out there, and hopefully bring in somebody who has some new ideas,” explained club chairman Ross Sutherland John Scott.

“We have a good pool of players, a lot of young players who have come through the youth system, and it’s a good opportunity to bring someone else.

“It’s exciting, we can’t wait to see who throws their hat in the ring and get some applications. I don’t know who’s out there. I don’t know who’s up for the challenge, so we’ll see how that happens.

“A lot of guys who have been involved have professional commitments and also have other commitments at the club.

“We have tried the team approach for a few years, and that has its merits, but for example we have a few farmers in the team who are out of the mix for long periods of the season. There have been good bits about it, but we thought we’d just see who’s out there.

“We don’t know who in our area would really like the role, and we’re always looking for new volunteers.

“This role is just one of many that we will be advertising for over the next few months. We want to expand our volunteer base and make sure there is a very clear message sent to our communities that if people want to come and get involved in a thriving, ambitious and friendly sports club, we are there.

“It’s more than just coaches we’re looking for, we’re looking for people to get involved in all aspects of the club so it would be great to hear from them.”

One of those other roles likely to become available is that of treasurer, with Stephan Walker transitioning into other areas of the club after a long-standing commitment to managing the club’s finances.

The Stags keep an open mind when it comes to recruiting. Options already within the club will be considered, but also external candidates – and Scott says they will join the Invergordon squad at an exciting time.

“We will continue to promote from inside and outside,” he explained.

“We have a fairly good production system within the club, but we need more coaches, we have identified that.

“It’s good to go inside, but sometimes you just have to cast the net and see who else is there who might want to come and get involved. That’s what it’s all about.

“We might find some inside people that we don’t know want to try out for the role, but also if there’s someone outside, that’s great too.

“We’re really open-minded about it, we just want the right people to fill the roles we have. It’s a pretty big commitment to take on that, but it’s also a very rewarding role – the to have trained myself as a chef and then as a member of a team is also very rewarding.

“For any new head coach, or anyone joining the club in another role that we’re trying to fill, with the clubhouse almost done and we’re going back there after losing a building, a base, it’s a very exciting.”

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