Powering up Pokemon for the Easter Ross Community Garden in Invergordon

A bench in the garden has become a Pokemon PokeStop. Emma and Amy Sutherland (back) with Leila Boussaikouk and Melody Baubney. Photo: Callum Mackay

The lure of an Easter Ross wilderness transformed by hard work and determination into a community garden has been given a power-up from an unexpected source.

The Seedlings Community Garden project was set up by a group of like-minded volunteers in Invergordon.

The project has flourished as the rapid transformation has delighted locals, resulting in a pleasant community resource for residents to enjoy – a particular bonus during the lockdown period.

It recently emerged that a bench in the garden has also become a PokeStop in the globally popular Pokemon Go game, in which players attempt to capture a plethora of weird and wonderful digital characters through an adventure using handheld devices. outside.

PokeStops are places in the game that allow players to collect items such as eggs and Poke Balls used to capture more Pokémon. Stops are located at select locations, often historical landmarks, monuments and art installations. They are indicated to players on a map with easily recognizable blue icons and are always welcome as they provide a helpful power-up.

Volunteer Dana Sutherland joked, “Not only have we created a beautiful garden, we are now a PokeStop!

“One of our teams, Leila Boussaikouk, plays it and found out that the bench in the garden is actually a PokeStop. We all thought that was pretty cool when she told us. It makes the garden even better. My own kids are now playing the game and were out today trying to catch one off the bench.”

The garden has become a Pokestop.
The garden has become a Pokestop.

Looking ahead, she said: “We are in the process of doing the latest wood carving which is a fairly large mama bear with her baby on her shoulder which has been redone by Iain from Chainsaw Creations and has been paid for by the Beinn Tharsuinn Wind Farm Grant, so hopefully by the end of the month we will have it in place and then we intend to start planting new trees and flowers as well.

“We’re also working out the details with the legal side of things like becoming an incorporated band and then we’ll be ready to possibly start a new project once we’re finally out of lockdown.”

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