No complacency as Highland Stags prepare to face Invergordon against Dumfries Hunters


Tom Hutchison has no worries about the complacency creeping into the Highland Stags side after their latest triumph.

The Highland Stags defeated the Dumfries Hunters to become Saltire Division Champions.

The Stags general manager saw the team beat Aberdeen Roughnecks – one of the teams expected to be in contention for the North Division Two title – 31-10 last weekend.

It extended their record to a perfect 3-0 so far in 2022, and the Stags look like the team to beat.

Next up for them is a home game against the Dumfries Hunters at the Naval Grounds in Invergordon this Sunday, and with a win already in the bank against Dumfries this season, the Stags will be craving their chances.

However, they can’t afford to get carried away and, according to Hutchison, the risk of that happening is extremely low.

“Last year we won our first game quite comfortably, but in our second game the guys were pretty confident and we lost,” Hutchison said.

“We learned from that, we learned that you can be confident, but you can’t take things for granted. You have to put the time and effort into the weekend.

“It’s a great group of guys and they want to win and show everyone who we are.”

This will only be the Stags’ second home game of the season, and with a long wait until the next one, Hutchison is keen to make the most of the opportunity this weekend.

“It will be nice to go back to Invergordon,” he reasoned.

“We won’t have another one until the beginning of July, so it will be nice to play on our ground.

“The team we played at home last time was not the most competitive, but Dumfries was our big challenger last year.

“They were the ones we faced away from home in the last game of last season, knowing that if we won we would win the league, but if we lost it we would have come second or third, so it’s not not a game to be taken lightly.”

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