New murals celebrating whiskey at Invergordon Distillery by design studio Tain DUFI Art showcase local talent and continue the town’s famous trail

Invergordon distillery murals. Photos: Callum MacKay.

The AN Easter Ross Distillery has given its buildings new colors as work on a new mural was completed over the weekend.

Adding to the city’s rich wall trail, the new Invergordon Distillery wall elements by Whyte and Mackay were launched and completed last week by Tain-based studio DUFI Art.

The mural, celebrating the water of life, decorates one of the warehouse buildings at the site’s west gate.

It is the second work of its kind commissioned by the distillery, the first of which faced the railway to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the distillery in 2021.

Fin Macrae of DUFI art, who led the project, said, “I have been doing mural projects for a few years now and have worked several times with the artists I worked with on this project.

“We had perfect weather all week, it was great!

“It’s pretty much the largest mural in the Highlands, and there aren’t many murals as beastly as this in Scotland. It’s a big job.

“I’m all for defending what we have in the Highlands, there’s a lot of great talent here.

“I’m a graphic designer and when you see companies here heading into the central belt, I just think you’re missing talent on their doorstep. There are really good people here in all aspects of the creative industry .

“I’m just glad I got this opportunity, it was a lot of fun!”

Other artists who worked on the project were Richie Cumming, Fraser Gray, Martin McGuinness, Blythe Mackenzie and Al McInness.

Fin Macrae (red t-shirt) from DUFI Art, Tain (lead artist).  Fraser Gray, Richie Cumming (flat cap) and Martin McGuiness (far right).
Fin Macrae (red t-shirt) from DUFI Art, Tain (lead artist). Fraser Gray, Richie Cumming (flat cap) and Martin McGuiness (far right).

Calum Davis, Maturation Manager at Invergordon Distillery, said: “Having commissioned the mural which faces the train tracks, it went so well and Fin did such an excellent job that we thought of continuing to the west gate so the public and anyone going to the school or recreation center could see it.

“We may be considering doing another one on the other warehouse.

“Invergordon is quite well known for its murals, so we thought we’d keep in line with the other murals in town by keeping one on our site.

“We let the artist come up with the design and he had lots of ideas, so it wasn’t hard to find one that we all liked.

“As a grain distillery, we are a little different from more design-oriented malt whiskey distilleries, but we are always keen to improve the look of our site and provide a better view for our neighbors and residents.”

Murals in progress.  Photos by Davine Sutherland.
Murals in progress. Photos by Davine Sutherland.

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