New ‘Agnes AP Barr’ lifeboat shown at official launch in Invergordon


An impressive new lifeboat was shown at an official launch in Invergordon.

A drop of a certain famous soft drink has blessed the RNLI’s new ship – the ‘Agnes AP Barr’.

Edinburgh-born philanthropist and RNLI member Agnes Barr bequeathed half of the £2.5million cost of the craft in her will.

Her passion for charity was fueled by her brother’s love of sailing.

She married widower Robert Barr in 1990, and her support for the RNLI grew because her husband and his family’s charitable trust were benefactors of the organization.

After Robert’s death in 1993, Agnes decided to donate her surplus income to the RNLI. She passed away in 2017.

The grateful charity is delighted to have its most advanced all-weather lifeboat.

Calum Slater, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, said: “She is a fantastic vessel, capable of doing over 40 knots at sea. We normally operate at around 25 knots.

“It is capable of operating in shallow water, close to navigational hazards.

“It packs all the cutting edge technology, something its predecessor has been updated over time. But after 25 years of service with the predecessor, we now have a modern boat that we can hopefully use. for the next 25 years.

He described the donation as “fantastic”, especially in these tough economic times.


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