Invergordon man on ScotRail train between Highland capital and Beauly sentenced at Inverness Sheriff Court for threatening behavior

Inverness Justice Center. Pictured: Gary Anthony.

An Easter Ross man has tangled with a train conductor who believed he sexually assaulted her on a trip from Inverness to Beauly earlier this year.

The allegation angered Andrew Urquhart, 55, of Kilmuir Place, Invergordon, who claimed he was just trying to get back to his seat and was blocked by the railway official.

Inverness Sheriff Court heard Urquhart repeatedly insulted her. He admitted threatening and abusive behavior towards her.

Tax deputy Shay Treanor told Sheriff Sara Matheson: “She was shocked that he put his hands on her shoulders and lowered his arms and backed into a seating area.

“She told him not to touch her but he said ‘you’re in my place’ and swore at her repeatedly.

“When asked to show his ticket, he emptied his pockets on the floor and said ‘find it yourself’. The conductor then radioed to report the incident to the police.

“He got off the train at Beauly and was found in a nearby pub and arrested.” Mr. Treanor added.

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Defense barrister Matthew Berlow told the court: “He has a drinking problem but work is being done as he is on a community reimbursement order.

“He is shocked by her behaviour. He got up from his seat and when he came back he innocently put his hand on her shoulder to pass and she misinterpreted him.

“He was falsely accused of sexually assaulting her.” Mr. Berlow added.

Urquhart was ordered to perform 100 hours of unpaid work.

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