Invergordon Bowling Club winners bow out in final outdoor competition as ‘come try’ invitation issued ahead of move indoors

Photos courtesy of Andy and Fiona Dobson.

Invergordon Bowling Club held its last outdoor competition of the season with the indoor triple lawn bowling competition.

The DW Trophy was inspired by a former member, Derek Walton, who enjoyed wood carving as a hobby and created and carved the lovely wooden bowl trophy held by Alison Fraser (center). Derek and Grace, his wife, were both longtime members of the Invergordon Bowling Club. Grace survives Derek and the trophy and competition are in Derek’s memory.

Eighteen members of the club took part in the competition which took place throughout Saturday on a cool and mostly dry day.

The competition consisted of a round robin with each triple team having to play against each other, which allowed each team to play five games. Matches consisted of six innings and points were awarded for wins achieved in each match. The shot difference was also recorded in the event of a tie. The well-contested competition was won by club members Alison Fraser, George Mackay and Hugh MacDougall, who won 4 of their 5 games and drew one game and earned a fantastic 9 points.

The club thanked the members who participated and who provided the kitchen and ensured the smooth running of the event.

The competition marked the closing day of the season with the transition from bowling to the indoor short mat season, which begins on Saturday October 1 and ends in April 2023.

The day’s events culminated when all the club winners of the outdoor season received their respected trophies and shields.

Triple DW winners (left to right) – Hugh MacDougall, Alison Fraser and George Mackay.  Photo courtesy of Andy and Fiona Dobson.
Triple DW winners (left to right) – Hugh MacDougall, Alison Fraser and George Mackay. Photo courtesy of Andy and Fiona Dobson.

The winners throughout the season are as follows:

Haines Peers – Yvonne Gallacher and Andy Dobson.

Hawkins Triples – Hugh MacDougall, Bruce Lyall and John Lyall.

DW Triples – Hugh MacDougall, George Mackay and Alison Fraser.

Murray Cup – Cath McBay.

Rhodesia Cup – Charlie Gallacher.

Club Points Evening – Davy Gordon.

Women’s Champion – Evelyn McDonald.

Men’s Champion – Hugh MacDougall.

Club Champion – Hugh MacDougall.

The Invergordon Bowling Club short mat season offers two afternoon sessions from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. for anyone who wants to join regular members to try the balls.

Alternatively, the club night takes place on a Monday at 7pm and anyone wishing to try is welcome. The club has a number of boules sets which all newcomers can borrow. The only request would be for new players to wear flat-soled shoes. Sneakers are acceptable as long as they don’t have deep grooves/tread pattern.

The bowls are free for everyone who tries it for the first month. Thereafter, the club membership is half the normal price for the remaining outdoor season.

More information about Invergordon Bowling Club can be found on our Facebook page by

looking for ‘Invergordon Bowling Club’.

A spokesperson said: ‘All ages are welcome at our friendly community club which has been around for over 120 years and we are currently actively encouraging new members to join, so why not contact us to try the balls?’

For more details on how to become a member of the club, contact President Charlie

Gallacher by phone at 07548937823 or by email at [email protected]

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