Easter Ross area committee members approve new traffic calming measures for Invergordon


New traffic calming measures designed to improve road safety and encourage walking, cycling and wheeling are to be introduced in Invergordon.

The proposed traffic order, which includes the introduction of 20mph limits and traffic calming measures in the town, was approved by a member of the Easter Ross area committee today (8 November 2022).

The objectives of the program are to encourage the reduction and severity of accidents, as well as to improve the safety of schoolchildren who are sensitive to “looming face”, which refers to changes in optical size when approaching objects (such as vehicles).

The measures are being funded by external grant funding for cycling, walking and safer routes from Transport Scotland and a note of support has been received from Police Scotland.

Formal speed limits are to be backed by a Road Traffic Regulation Ordinance and today’s approval by members now gives the green light to move into the implementation phase. In accordance with procedure, Highland Council has received, reviewed and responded to formal complaints about the new measures.

The Highland Council declared an environmental and climate emergency in 2019 and reducing vehicle speeds also has the potential to increase active travel choices and therefore reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Easter Ross Area Committee Chairman Cllr Derek Louden said: “During the design process, speed surveys were carried out at several locations in Invergordon and, due to the average average speeds recorded at above 24 mph, a series of traffic calming measures have been devised. around Invergordon.

“The current level of speed limit violations in Invergordon is a threat to the safety of our young people and action by this committee was imperative.”

New traffic calming measures to be introduced in the city include: raised tables and speed pads on Castle Avenue; speed pads on Strath Avenue and King George Street; priority disposal constructions with uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points on Cromlet Drive and priority disposal constructions on Academy Road.

The full draft Road Traffic Ordinance for Invergordon can be viewed on the Council’s website.


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