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When watches as one important accessories in our lives, its shape and pattern becomes most important factors to choose. Because sometimes watches can show your status and taste, it also become our faithful company with our wrist and gives people more confidence. The more luxury watches, show the more authority of human. Here we introduce the most luxury watches, which includes the Cartier ,Piaget , and so on.

chanel1, the perfect arc of modern and elegant
Bvlgari assioma d steel inlay ruby, diamond watch
In Extrem elegant assioma d ladies watches series the most sparkling model should be the toppest rare jewelry watch which inlaid rectangular cut diamonds, sapphires and rubies: most laconic, most extravagant. The whole design is in the perfect balance of style, full of modernism and classic elegance. Bvlgari assioma d series with the collocation of unexpected stainless steel and diamonds and rubies, sapphires, using Bvlgari exclusive quartz movement, makes the whole watch distributing new femininity charm.

2, The yearning immersed in deep sea
Piaget limelights paradise watch
A wonderland piaget, a new limelight paradise series, they lead us into the luxurious, such as crystal but colorful world. Piaget created a fascinating world that we are yearning for: mint green tourmaline, aquamarine blue, bright blue stone, amethyst stone, tropical waters which is attract visitors to explore and observe in the colorful underwater world.

3, Jade and Diamond's Magic path
  Van Cleef but in Chanel design it can bloom seasons and never die. On the wrist, monoecious camellias have ambiguous meaning, with the image of taboo flower, is one of the classic hallmarks of Chanel, which is also the Chanel Kingdom's national flower, fully represents the unique taste of noble Chanel, but also symbolize the revolution to encourage women bravely go to liberation from the tradition. Ms. chanel defined luxury as: the highlight in a simple extraordinary.

5, wild and mysterious art
Cartier panthère secrète de watch
Sometimes occultation sometimes revelation, the secret-style watch has been the brand's traditional character. cartier integrated the following time, seductive charm and endless wild fun into the enchanting exterior case of panthèresecrète de cartier watch, so that it become the latest successor of brand Cartier. If you liked this article and also you would like to be given more info pertaining to Bellross kindly visit our own web site. The magnificent Watch matched with a square and decorated with radiation pattern dial, then decorated with white diamond Cheetah style. The eyes of Cheetah are shining Cheetah, the black Leopard grain and the time showing is displayed or hided with the moving of the cover.  Cartier Baignoire Watches, Cartier Tank Americaine Watches, Cartier Tank Divan Watches, both of them are also the outstanding watches in whole Cartier watches. 

6, The dialogue with the diamond and modern.
Harry winston "talk to me, harry winston" diamond watch
The design inspiration is from the legendary life of Mr. Harry Winston and the endless fascination with diamond, the beauty of diamond-bright shine and positive energy, which annotate the modern and elegant style. Elegant new watch styles, interest dial and diamond embellishment, which is fully fit for the feminine wrist, and decorated with an elegant satin strap to ensure comfort when worn watch.