Weekend Celebration Photos
Thank you to our two "official" volunteer photographers over the "Back To Invergordon" weekend. David Ferguson, current resident of Invergordon and Rhonda Witt, daughter of long time residents Don & Joyce Crichton. We have compiled some of their photos here, please feel free to download any you may like for your own collection.

If you have any photos that you or someone in your group took over the weekend and would like posted on the web site, please e-mail them to Helen Osborne at

School Photos
We have had many requests for the school photos that were on display in the History Hall and we are happy to say that the majority of these photos have been scanned, therefore we are able to put them on the web site for anyone to download at their own leisure. These photos are about 5MB each, but the idea was to scan them in high resolution, so if you want to print out a large version (36"x24", maybe even larger) you can without worrying about any distortion.

Please note, some photos do have scratches on them, if you have a better quality photo you can share with us we would be very grateful! Also, because of their size, each photo may take a few minutes to down load.

Historical Photos
We have been able to scan some of the photos that are on display around the History Hall. We have uploaded some of these too, please feel free to download them.